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A Project Audit enables you to review the current status and organisation of your project from an objective viewpoint. This may provide reassurance that a project is on track, or provide insight into the root cause of a project that may be in danger of failing.

The Audit report will look at the main elements of the project, the original project objectives, alignment with organisational priorities and provide constructive feedback and options for corrective action, if required.

Project Audit Process

We would initially meet with key sponsors and the project manager to get an overview of the project, background, governance and initial thoughts on current progress.

We then would review all project documentation, schedules, plans, risk logs, minutes and other relevant documentation to build up a picture of how the project has come to its current point, and what plans are in place to successfully deliver the project.

Once we have completed these two stages we would then move on to face to face meetings with sponsors, stakeholders, the project team and other parties. The purpose of these meetings is to clarify any potential gaps in documentation and plans. The meetings also enable project team members, managers and stakeholders to provide structured feedback on how the project has met its objectives so far and how it can be brought successfully to a close.

Once these stages are complete we then start the report write up. This will include observations on what we have discovered through the interview and documentation review process. We also review the project against organisational project standards, as well as, industry best practice and project management frameworks.


Project Audit Outcome

The final Project Audit Report will focus on the following areas:

  • Timescales and Schedules
  • Deliverable and Activity Plans
  • Project Governance and Accountability
  • Project Personnel
  • Project Reporting and Information Management
  • Project Finance and Resource
  • Stakeholder Engagement

The Project Audit provides a realistic view on where your project currently is, how it got to this stage and provides corrective options and guidance, if required, to ensure that the project can be brought successfully to a close.

Next Steps...

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