Project Management

Project Management as a Service (PMaaS) ensures that you have experienced Project Management support and expertise for your projects, without staff overheads and excessive day rates.

Project Scheduling

Project Schedules and Plans need to accurately capture timelines, resource and dependencies to reassure stakeholders and sponsors, as well as be grounded in reality to ensure goals are achievable.

Change Management

Change Management as a Service (CMaaS) ensures that you have experienced Change Management support, capacity and expertise for your change initiatives.

Project Audit

A Project Audit or Review provides reassurance to sponsors, stakeholders and the project team that the project has the right foundations, resource and structure to deliver.


Project Reporting

Ensuring you have a set of reports for your project that can be easily understood and tailored to your audience, will ensure that progress is visible and confidence in project delivery is maintained.

Change Readiness

A Change Readiness Review looks at the organisation to ensure it has the right foundations, resource, culture and structure to deliver the desired change.

Project Recovery

Project Recovery will ensure that a project whose schedule is falling behind, where budgets are rising and resource is under pressure can be reviewed, re-planned and brought back from the edge.

Project Governance

Ensuring the right controls and level of governance is in place for your project is critical to a successful delivery. Striking the right balance between too much and not enough oversight is critical.

Process Mapping & Development

Supporting organisations in reviewing, documenting and streamlining business processes to increase efficiency, improve satisfaction and take advantage of new opportunities.


Flexible and Focused Service Offer

Our range of services enables us to tailor our support to match your requirements, timescales, organisational culture and budget.

Services Based in Reality

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